Become A High-Value Individual #1: Fear of Looking Stupid Is Stupid

Jamie P.
3 min readOct 5, 2022
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I know, I know.

We all fear looking stupid at some point in our lives.

It’s inevitable and frankly, necessary in order to not hurt someone’s feelings, act according to your environment or keep yourself physically safe in times of danger.

That little switch in our minds telling us “hey you, don’t do that stupid thing right now and walk into that pit of fire” is saving us from completely ruining our lives.

The point here is…

What if we let go of that voice telling us we’re “stupid” or “will look stupid” when we try that new business venture, talk to that random person on the street who can change your life forever, follow a new workout plan consisting of 75 Hard, or hug a tree in the middle of the day to ground yourself?

What if we stand up to our friends and family when it comes to our future goals?

What if we decide to marry that person who makes us the happiest but doesn’t check every box we’ve created for our “dream person”?

What if we sign up for that late night class on Wednesday evenings right after work that your parent doesn’t understand when you already have a (by their definition “successful”) career?

What if you discipline your kids in a way that fits your style and not your parents’ or your neighbors’?

What if you start writing your idea for a book now instead of next week when it’s more developed?

What if you put all your belongings in storage, pack one suitcase and backpack and go exploring the world for 6 months?


This world runs on what if’s.

People who are scared of going against the grain and people who freely choose to go against the grain.

Looking stupid is stupid.

Nobody actually truly cares about what you do in your life because at the end of the day, we all have our own challenges and situations we’re trying to navigate at the best of our abilities. We can’t consume the fears and the opinions of others when it comes to our lives. If we do, we’ll always feel stupid for choosing what’s right for us.



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