Following Seth Godin’s Blog For A Week Taught Me This About Consistency

Jamie P.
1 min readAug 7, 2022
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Get that idea out of your head!

I can either wait, research, and think so hard about one post, or I can write a few hundred words or so on this idea in my head and click “publish.” The choice is mine.

Seth Godin has some short <150 word posts that don’t dive deep into any idea, don’t make me think too hard, and honestly are some things I could care less about. Then again, there are some posts that are well-put together and inspire me to write posts like this one.

He taught me to just post.

Time flashes in the blink of an eye. Building this blog where he posts every single day show consistency, dedication, influence, inspiration, and love for the craft that’s taken him years to develop.

Take the leap of faith. Write those 150 words like they’re the best 150 words you can write today. Who cares? You’re being consistent and that makes all the difference.


Jamie P.

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