Self-Care Tip We Often Neglect

Jamie P.
2 min readJul 20, 2022
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July 15th: Are there any things you splurge on regularly to spoil yourself? How do you treat yourself?

Thank you Danielle Cousin for coming together with a clever, creative list of prompts for the month of July! Some questions really got me thinking :)

For me, spoiling myself means taking care of a need I can’t possibly take care of without buying something that will help.

I regularly invest in face masks.

“GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE” — Rachel Hollis

Yes, those sticky ones that stay on your skin for longer than 30 minutes and make your skin look and feel 1,000 times brighter after pulling it off inch by inch. Imagine my cabinet drawer haha.

Face masks make me feel clean.

They’re a part of my weekly routine, which I’d happily spend a good buck for a high quality bottle to feel smooth as a baby’s bottom.

It pays off to feel good internally and externally so face masks do the job… speaking off, I’ll go put some on today!

Check out Danielle’s list to join on the fun! This is a great challenge to spark new ideas :)


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